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Gifts that Perform Forever...

MSO Cello SectionGifts to the Manchester Symphony Society's Endowment perform forever. That's because when you make a gift to the MSS endowment, your gift is not spent but is invested to provide a steady stream of needed income for operating expenses meeting the needs of the Symphony far into the future.

We are pleased to be supported by an endowment created by our loyal patrons and administered by the Community Foundation of Wabash County since 1991. The Foundation manages over 300 endowments totaling over $35 million. Endowment gifts can be made in honor or in memory of a loved one. They can be large or small, current or deferred, and should be made directly to the Community Foundation of Wabash County.

For more information about giving to the Society, creating an endowment fund, or providing for the symphony into the future, please call (260) 982-5040, or use the form linked here. (.PDF)

Gifts to the MSS Endowment

  Given by: In Celebration of:  
  John L. and Esther L. Hamer
Wilson and Mary Lutz
Dan and Weebe Naragon
David and Shirley Rogers
Lois Snyder
The Manchester Symphony Orchestra
The Manchester Symphony Orchestra
The Manchester Symphony Orchestra
The Manchester Symphony Orchestra
The Manchester Symphony Orchestra
  Given by: In Honor of:  
  The Traxler-Planer Family Bev and Joel Eikenberry  
  Given by: In Memory of:  
  Ruthann Angle
Martha and Robert Bohn
Debbie and James Chinworth
Arlene Deardorff
Beverly and Joel Eikenberry
Patty and David Grant
Bonnie Dee Merritt
Ed and Martha Miller
Eileen Weck
James V. Wehner
Barbara Driskell
Alfred and Agnes Bohn, Lawrence and Barbara Mulligan
JoAnn Martin
Barry Deardorff, Richard Livingstone
Cleona Barr
Billie J. and Donald M. Strauss
Karl Merritt
Cleona Barr, Bob Metzger
Walter and Martha Weck
  Given by: In Recognition of:  
  Eric and Maryjo Jones Robert and Stephanie Jones